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Joyalukkas had been primarily focused on brick & mortar audiences. Now they wanted to target a wider audience, especially the newer generation & added covid restriction gave them clarity towards creating e-commerce digital transformation.

The new experiential website needs to better connect with its audiences, including building a more intuitive information architecture and developing a coherent visual language.

My Role:

Conducting Primary and Secondary Research, interviewing Joyalukkas Leadership and Key Stakeholders, facilitating IBM Design Thinking Workshop, Information Architecture, Webdesign, Branding

Meet the Team:

UX Lead, UX designer, UI Designer, Content Writer, Developers.

Project Time:

8 weeks (before handoff to development)

#Human Centred Approach

Let the story begin...

The world’s worst coronavirus outbreak is changing the way Indians buy gold, hastening a shift to modern, retail stores. Like various industries, the Jewellery industry has also gone through a lot. Digital Adoption has all of a sudden become a topmost priority for all industries. For Joyalukkas this was the right moment to strengthen their digital strategy and partner with IBM. We tackled the challenge through a design lens rooted deep in human-centered approach. 

How we approached it
  • An immersion phase to understand…
    •  client’s brand and current strategy
    • Joyalukkas identity? What is the experience principle we should build to reflect Joyalukkas’s essence?
    • current trends? Where is the industry moving towards? What are competitors doing?
    • the success models in this field of business?
    • Covid scenario buying behaviors?
  • A two-day workshop designed to…
    • maximize our limited access to stakeholders and consultants
    • to gain a deeper understanding of the users and crafting Personas, Empathy Maps, Ideation, Idea Prioritization exercise
  • A workshop synthesis to…
    • map the needs and pain points and craft meaningful insights into emerging opportunities.
  • Crafting a future state story with…
    • opportunity areas
    • a future state journey map
  • Hero concepts


Understanding within: Stakeholder Interviews

We interviewed 5 stakeholders. The output of these interviews informed our understanding of the client’s strategy, the current state, as well as aspirations for the future state. This helped us deepen our understanding of their business ecosystem and Vision. Multiple interviews were scheduled with people within the firm from different levels of departments to gauge their needs & expectations


As a designer, I know that the best products and services are grounded in deep user research. To kick off, we interviewed 5 stakeholders and 25 users covering 2 countries(India & UAE.). The intent was to deepen our understanding of consumer online shopping behavior with high ticket items like jewelry and the impact of COVID on shopping behaviors and patterns.

Understand thy Users

Who are these  millennials?

Millennials: Born 1981-1996 (23-38 years old)

Average attention span = 12 seconds
Bounce between 3 screens at a time

Generation Z: Born 1997-2012 (7-22 years old)

Average attention span = 8 seconds
Juggle 5 screens at once

Minimalistic & everyday jewellery

Millennials want to enjoy the vibe of the moment. Whether it’s a festival or party, they choose to be sophisticated and subtle, and that’s why the demand of minimalist jewellery is high

Brand Savvy

Millennials love Brands and look for CSR Values, sourced from,  they may not be loyal to specific brands but will definitely have Brand preferences

Indian Attitudes Seeping into Millennials

Special Occasion Basis

Festival, Friends wedding, Office wear, Party Wear, Travelling wear, Casual Wear, Date wear etc.

Self Purchase

To celebrate ones success, Value oneself, Feel good moment, Likes & stories that connect, limited edition, To revisit past/ memory lane

Gifting  Requirements

(For mother, For father )For family, Festival basis, Wedding basis, For love, Reward for goodwill ~ friend/colleague

Curated Collection

Collection which connects with her Likes, behaviour, trends, interest, dreams etc


Check catalogs online & purchase offline

For the daughter’s wedding, they would browse through collections & catalogs to share within the family circle to make shared decisions.

Compares prices between competitors

Since the focus is given on wholesale purchase the making charge & value of gold is compared between different sites before taking a decision and personally going to the store to buy from the Jeweller.

  • Will the Gold price go down at some point in time?
  • Can I invest safely for a large period of time?
  • For my daughter’s marriage happening in a couple of years, how long before that should I start investing?
  • Why should I invest in gold schemes with Joyallukas?  What’s in for Me?


For the Future

Investment Dilemma


Secondary Research

As a part of secondary research, we evaluated 10 plus brands and did an in-depth Competitive Benchmarking for Website and Visualiser App. The intent of secondary research was also to see where the jewelry industry is heading and the role that the technology and wearable techno jewelry is going to play, in influencing online shopping purchases and behaviors. 

Sneak Peak into Market Trends
Insight #1:
Anticipated growth of wearable technology:

Wearable technology is expanding into all forms of accessories including jewelry and seeing massive demand in the urban audiences as healthcare and safety are integrated into daily life.

245 million

Number of wearable devices were forecast to be sold in 2016 as per Insight’s Wearable Tech Report 2015

30.9 %

Indian market growth for wearable devices, 2019 IDC report


Growth rate year-on-year for smartwatches in India as of 2019



How might we explore newer technologies and designs to cater to an urban audience?

Insight # 2:
The continuous rise of Social Media platforms

Practically everyone is on social media, be they individuals, celebrities, politicians, or organizations. So, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the best places to showcase and sell a brand’s products. 


of online shoppers who say that social media is an important factor when it comes to purchasing decisions.

$6.5 billion

The leading 500 vendors of 2018 yielded from social shopping. Pinterest has the highest average order value at $154. It is closely followed by Instagram at $103, Facebook at $69, and Snapchat at $57.


users who take an action after seeing a business-post (i.e. visit a website, search, shop or tell a friend)


How might we utilize Social Media platforms to acquire the younger generation in Joyalukkas ecosystem?

Insight #3:
Online purchase of jewellery is seeing growing demand

Online jewelry sales are only 4 to 5 percent of the m-commerce market today and demand for affordable fashion jewelry is expected to drive this growth to 10 to 15%. 


Projected increase in spending per user on mobile e-commerce by 2021


Percent of online store visits globally via smartphones. Meanwhile, desktop devices only account for 30%


How might we utilize the growing demand for fashion jewelry in order to capture a slice of the mobile e-commerce pie?

Insight #4:
Virtual consultations will outlast the pandemic

To make up for the lack of the in-store services that drive sales, virtual consultation technology in retail will continue to surge.  83% Out of surveyed 2000 US customers are avoiding visiting fashion and apparel stores during the pandemic


How might we align to the growing need for stay-at-home shopping convenience?


Design Thinking Workshop

After the secondary research on client background check, existing application, market trends, behavioral nudges of user groups and competitive analysis, a design thinking workshop was conducted with the client to map out Personas, Empathy Maps, Ideas, their prioritisation grid, and the to-be journey.

  • Currently, Joyalukkas sees a nearly 90% drop-off rate at checkout, we need to redefine that.
  • Joyalukkas has a gap in catering to spontaneous and impulsive buyers from the younger generation.
  • Joyalukka’s designs, customer interactions, and websites have all been culturally focused on an older age group so far.
  • Due to the pandemic, recently there has been an increase in website traffic.
  • The current customer experience is fragmented, there is a need to unify the fragmented journeys of different kinds of Joyalukkas platforms onto one platform.
  • Joyalukkas has high customer satisfaction and trusts them with high ticket purchases due to authenticity and value-for-money belief.
  • Joyalukkas has a gap in catering to spontaneous and impulsive buyers from the younger generation




#Ideation moments

Virtual TRY-ON & Try at home

COVID & e-commerce – Covid 19 restrictions have led to decreasing brick & mortar users but also paved way for online e-commerce. We incorporated the addition of a virtual TRY ON feature to help users create a virtual shopping experience sitting safely in the comfort of their homes. In addition to that, we designed the Try at Home feature to have safe executive booking slots to cater to nearby customers around jewelry with selected designs to have an in-house shopping experience right inside their house

Extensive Product list cards

Communication over the specifications required for buying decisions to unnecessary movement to & fro from listing page to description page. We have optimized the listing page cards to act as a mini description page itself keeping necessary data points to finalize a User decision.

Joyalukkas is a focused manufacturer and do not produce gold products in bulk & hence having a limitation over the areas a specific design product can be delivered. To give the upfront communication over the reach of delivery pinched is verified to avoid misunderstanding while on the checkout page but on the selection itself.

Stories over collection

While doing internal research on the type of collection and the exclusivity over the product design. We observed many similar unique collections which can be clubbed together. Since a set of collection in Joyalukkas has limited product, we designed the collection page to encapsulate multiple minor collections into one giving themes collection pages with sub-collection within.

With added numbers to the page, we also suggested to incorporate buying as a set feature since users seek to keep the match over other pieces of jewellery in consideration to purchase decision. To give more clarity over the low ticket collection set, we gave the value of gold & tax in breakup for short nudge in buying.

The backstory of making a collection is indeed fascinating. We gave sourced with care to give millennial users the ethical additions taken over finally creating this collection

Shop the look

While understanding the user groups especially millennials, there is a different understanding of “VALUE” in terms of money or material things. They are basically not into ‘blings’ (shinny things) either, but weirdly they go any extent to complete full package they envision before buying jewellery. Especially women would want every piece of accessory to identify with her character and match the occasion she is planning to be in, as a result of which from the ‘bindi’ to shoe lace colour is matched and bought carefully. And hence we give an opportunity to match the piece selected in the description page to sync with other collection product so that even if it does not result in 100% translation, the user is aware of the possibility of matching the set in the future to look forward to.



  • Website more user friendly and intuitive to the targeted persona
  • Internal business processes streamlined to address the immediacy element in a buying behaviour .
  • Single view of an enterprise established across platforms globally
  • Personalisation enabled
  • Enhanced quality of customer engagement basis of understanding customer behaviour
  • Improved brand recall


  • Expected higher transaction value from the current 1% to at least 15%+
  • Improved returns on Marketing spend
  • Increase in traffic and dwell time on site